Galera: A retrospection

August 20-22, 2009

It was a long and free weekend which started on an ACLE (Alternative Classroom learning experience) Thursday. The following day was a special non-working holiday (Ninoy Aquino Day) and the Saturday mining class was cancelled due to insistent demand from the ever diligent students. As if all fell into place, we found ourselves catching a public bus from Cubao terminal to Batangas Port. The bus fare was 180 pesos, if memory serves me right, and the boat to Puerto Galera was 225 pesos.

Snorkeled, drank, ate too many fish dishes, threw up after snorkeling, fed the fish with vomit.  A friend brought along a bottle of cuervo. And no it wasn’t even full  nor close to being half-full. It was a measly shotglass amount. And I drank it all up. And I ran to the waves. And pressed my skin against the sand. and laid under the heavens. 🙂 Good times. 🙂

We commuted back to Manila saturday afternoon, into the welcoming arms of Samuelson & Nordhaus for a sunday exam in economics.

2 thoughts on “Galera: A retrospection

  1. Is the first photo at the end of the beach? We stayed in a small place where the road ends. There was italian restaurant near that area. Went snorlking @the the coral garden, too many people.


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