Capones Island, Zambales: A lesson on petrology

This was less of a fieldwork and more of a vacation.

My petrology class went to Zambales 3 years ago. Oh my. these photos are ancient, dated Feb 20-21, 2008.

Feb 20, I had an exam scheduled for the morning. Linear equations and matrices. I badly wanted to join the fieldwork not so much as a student interested in geology but as an individual wanting to escape and reward herself after a frustrating exam. And considering how lax and cool our instructor was, I knew that the trip would be for the sole purpose of education. haha!

Good thing I had a classmate in the same geology class who also took the exam that day, therefore missing the 5am trip. We were left with no other option but commute to Iba, Zambales. Not catching any bus from the Cubao Station, we were advised to check the other station in Espana. True enough, luck was on our side and we were on our way to Zambales by noon. We were dropped off in the town of San Antonio and from there, picked up by the class van. We may have missed the whole day stopovers at ophiolite sequences and other formations, but we didn’t miss the night socials and the trip to Capones the day after.

All I remember is the great force of the crashing waves, the fine white sand, the beddings in the rock formations. I never got to see the lighthouse and I regret not doing my research on the island prior to the trip. Next time, when I go back, I will see all other attractions and exhaust the list of activities that tourism sites and travel blogs have been raving about. This site might prove useful :

I might also go island and cove hopping on my next trip. The question is: when will that be?

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