Baguio: The Passage of Time and the Coming and Going of Opportunities

I have been to Baguio on numerous occasions, from fieldworks to mine visits to conferences. But my first time was 3 years ago, April, when I went to Baguio alone from Pangasinan to visit some friends who were having their summer training at Philex. I never posted the photos from that first trip and I think now’s the perfect time, on its 3rd year mark.

Baguio, Philex, 3 years ago.

On the road.

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Remembering Bolinao

3 years ago, during the short break between the 2nd semester and the summer term, I found myself hopping on the bus to Pangasinan to stay at a friend’s house for a couple of days of RNR.  There wasn’t much to do or see in their part of town, Mabini, but I remember vaguely the group of Miss Gay contestants having their awkward poses at a fountain in the town square. It was fiesta season, but that didn’t register glee or excitement in me. To break the monotony,  we decided to embark on an adventurous journey to Bolinao to somehow catch a glimpse of their famed beaches. The trip was unplanned and we didn’t know know where to go exactly. We didn’t even know how to tell the bus conductor where to drop us. But I have this blog entry on my multiply site to remind me of the perils we faced to reach bolinao and hear a bird insult us with the only word in its dictionary: PANGET.

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