Travel OCD-ADHD a.k.a Wanderlust

             I don’t understand. I’m getting mad about travel. Or maybe it’s just plain impulse. Booking promo fares manila-davao, davao-zambo sure emptied my pockets but certainly left me with an afterglow knowing that months from now I will be seeing beautiful cities and beautiful people.

              I have self-diagnosed this affliction (nooo! disregard the negative connotation, i’d rather call it a mania) to be Travel OCD-ADHD (quite a mouthful!). It is this inability to focus at work because of the distraction brought about by online promo fares. It is the everyday short attention span manifested by the injection of seemingly urgent travel plans into every possible conversation (as if it’s a matter of life and death). It is the inexplicable giddiness even after a 3-hr night of sleep due to travelblog-reading (or blogger-stalking). It is the obsession for all things travel and the compulsion to plot out the perfect route, the perfect itinerary, the perfect weekend getaway.

             I have this strange logic that although I’m very impulsive, I’m still being frugal. Promo fare or not, the opportunity to travel is always a good investment.

Puerto Galera. 2009

             Years shall pass and it will be something to look back on and be thankful and proud of. It’ll be be an intangible heirloom to be passed on to future children and grandchildren. It’ll be a great big earthy storybook filled with tales of smiles, sunsets, sand, surf, moutains, caves and rapids. I’ll be an awesome documentary of adventures and mishaps, of unfortunate deals and of genuine hospitality.

              It’ll be an epic with chapters yet to be written. 🙂


Miag-ao: The separation of church and state [university]

12 May 2011. After the med mission at Igbaras, we can’t miss going to Miag-ao, which is just a town away. The rocket-paced jeepney dropped us off at the Church after 15 minutes. A bit of trivia, the Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Church in Miag-ao, built in 1786, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Baroque Churches of the Philippines” , together with San Agustin Church in Manila, Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion in Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur, and San Agustin Church in Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

And now the intricate details:

Igbaras | Bridge over mini-rapids and the price of manhood

12 May, 2011. I went to Igbaras, Iloilo with che and her med circle for a free circumcision mission in a remote barangay. To reach the center, we had to traverse through rough terrain and along the way, we passed by a hanging steel bridge over some mini-rapids. Standing on the wobbly bridge, Mt. Napulak looks magnificent and commanding from afar.

Travel Trivia: rafflesia, the world’s largest flower, also grows in Igbaras

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Pundaquit Weekend Getaway | Nagsasa Cove: Of Bonfires, Treks and Private Beaches

Aside from being a great camp with a lesser volume of people in the grounds, Nagsasa Cove provided us with a private beach. yes, away from the mad crowd, we traversed atop sharp rocks to reach a secluded mini-beach with a native spear-fisherman whose spear turned out to be a fishing rod, and whose underpants, to jenny’s disappointment, was from Bench. Goodbye to thoughts of discovering a lost civilization. haha.

Jenny pitched the tent. Uno daw siya sa camping e. 🙂

We gathered round the bonfire, listened to indie folk, belted out adele tunes, and shared 2 bottles of vodka with salt on the side (as the planned tequila proved to be too elusive, thanks to the city ordinance ban on purchase of liquor from 10pm to 8am).

We retired early (we knew it was still early though we had no sense of time nor urgency nor hygiene) and arranged ourselves inside our humble tent and shared our lousy concept of a sleeping bag, my malong.

I got up to the angry dog’s version of a trumpet wake-up call, all recharged and ready for the promising day ahead.

We climbed the mini mountain behind the camping grounds and beside the lagoon with a size twice that of Anawangin’s. The climb looked easier than it really is. Some rocks were not anchored and one wrong hand or foothold would send you tumbling down lalaland. We thought about our song of triumph, as the group who climbed before us had one. But we all hate Miley Cyrus. (sorry for the shortage of photos. i vow to bring an extra batt next time i go on a 2-day trip to a place without any source of electricity.)

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Pundaquit Weekend Getaway | Anawangin Cove: Where the wild things are

Anawangin, the famous camping grounds is home to a beautiful lagoon, picturesque with the background of cream-colored rolling hills, an equally stunning pine forest, and a white sand beach worthy of attention. We took out the canned goods, had the rice cooked, and sat back for a simple shared meal of sardines and tuna. Going there on a weekend in summer means sharing the cove with a hundred or so campers, which means sharing the the common restrooms with a hundred or so campers. haha. So we opted for the less popular Nagsasa Cove to spend the night.

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Pundaquit Weekend Getaway | Capones Island: Of Ruins and Lighthouses

Capones holds a very special place in my heart and I vowed to revisit it. 3 years later, I found myself falling in love again. The huge well-rounded rocks in rows of black and white made every step unstable. The long stairway, seemingly to heaven, will make you hesitant to go any further. The thin but sharp blades of waist-high grass piercing through the skin on your legs, will make you itch and hurt and bleed. But everything will be worth it for the lighthouse is a surreal thing of beauty. On top of the world, unmindful and serene, you hold back tears for nature’s bounty is simply breath-taking. Ang sarap mabuhay!

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Pundaquit Weekend Getaway | Camara Island and the perfect swim spot

First stop, Camara Island. Little is known about this island, the smallest of the 4 Pundaquit islands included in our hopping. But for me, this one’s the perfect spot for swimming plus it provides the best vantage point to see the whale-shaped island (the name of which, I do not know) complete with the tail fin. Fine white sand tickling your toes – best feeling in the world. 🙂 We trekked towards the highest point in the island (to our knowing) and savored the beauty of Pundaquit.

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