Pundaquit Weekend Getaway | Commuting back home with a trusty companion – the greatest of luck

From our gracious host’s residence in San Miguel, we rode a tricycle to San Antonio Town Proper (for 20pesos) with the hopes of catching a Victory Liner bus bound for Cubao. But with a dozen other backpackers lounging by the shed, I knew the chances were slim. So we hailed the first ordinary Olongapo-bound bus that passed by. The fare was 40pesos and the ride lasted for an hour. We sat at the back since all other seats were taken and we imagined this to be a class fieldtrip and that we were the class bullies. Ha!

In Olongapo, we took refuge in a Dunkin Donuts branch and had coffee before the 3hr journey ahead of us. It was already 5:30 pm. All pumped up, we headed for the Victory Liner Terminal and the situation was in every bit similar to the subject enlistment process at university. THE LINES WERE TOO LONG! I think I saw a loop already in the works. It was hopeless.

It was already raining hard. It was already dark. We asked a candy vendor if there are manila-bound buses passing by the highway, other than Victory Liner. She said we could try Saulog Transit and pointed us to the Jollibee branch across the highway which is always a bus stop. After 5 mins, a bus!!! Our smiles reached our ears and for a moment, felt sorry for the dozens other passengers stranded at the Victory Terminal. Victorious!

As if the greatest of luck was on our side, the bus was new! The interior was well-lit, cool to the eyes. The handrest was in wood finish. There were individual aircon outlets, much like in commercial airplanes. Yes, the overhead stowage bin had much room and was very very useful. And how could I forget the footrest? Ha! It was all too perfect. (Fare from Olongapo to Cubao is at 201pesos)

Along the way, we computed all the expenses on our trip and the grand total: P1413.5. Who says an overnight camping and island hopping trip is costly?

I’ve contemplated much after this trip and how it was perfect in all aspects. And I’ve devised a formula for the perfect weekend vacation. All you need is the perfect weather, the perfect host/travel guide, the perfect company, and the perfect getaway! The best of luck in planning your itineraries! 🙂

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