Travel OCD-ADHD a.k.a Wanderlust

             I don’t understand. I’m getting mad about travel. Or maybe it’s just plain impulse. Booking promo fares manila-davao, davao-zambo sure emptied my pockets but certainly left me with an afterglow knowing that months from now I will be seeing beautiful cities and beautiful people.

              I have self-diagnosed this affliction (nooo! disregard the negative connotation, i’d rather call it a mania) to be Travel OCD-ADHD (quite a mouthful!). It is this inability to focus at work because of the distraction brought about by online promo fares. It is the everyday short attention span manifested by the injection of seemingly urgent travel plans into every possible conversation (as if it’s a matter of life and death). It is the inexplicable giddiness even after a 3-hr night of sleep due to travelblog-reading (or blogger-stalking). It is the obsession for all things travel and the compulsion to plot out the perfect route, the perfect itinerary, the perfect weekend getaway.

             I have this strange logic that although I’m very impulsive, I’m still being frugal. Promo fare or not, the opportunity to travel is always a good investment.

Puerto Galera. 2009

             Years shall pass and it will be something to look back on and be thankful and proud of. It’ll be be an intangible heirloom to be passed on to future children and grandchildren. It’ll be a great big earthy storybook filled with tales of smiles, sunsets, sand, surf, moutains, caves and rapids. I’ll be an awesome documentary of adventures and mishaps, of unfortunate deals and of genuine hospitality.

              It’ll be an epic with chapters yet to be written. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Travel OCD-ADHD a.k.a Wanderlust

  1. “travel is always a good investment” – exactly! For every shiny trinket or gadget we could waste money on, there is an immortal experience laying out there somewhere for the same price, or less.

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