Thrifting Challenge: UKAY in CDO-Divisoria

Bearing the same name as Manila’s market district known for wholesale and retail goods at rock-bottom prices, Divisoria at Cagayan de Oro is a shopping mecca for pre-loved clothes, shoes, and bags. More than thrift garment and trinket finds, this plaza (actually Plaza Divisoria or more formally known as Golden Friendship Park) also boasts of mouth-watering foods, street magicians, and even live music (every Friday and Saturday nights for Divisoria Night Café and Night Market). We went to CDO on a Tuesday; now I’m making a mental note for future trips to CDO to go there on Fridays and Saturdays. Nevertheless, the experience was still fun and worthwhile because I went on to buy a bag and a pair of Keds!

Rows of stalls selling UKAY clothes line your path when you stroll by Divisoria. Some clothes are already hanging by the rack. These are usually the premium ones, branded and in mint condition but of course, pricier. Others are unsorted and just spread on sackcloth for everyone’s picking. This is where the challenge begins. Picture the shopper as a treasure hunter looking for that prized jewel. One should get down on his knees without any bags about him that could hinder his mission. (Leave that bag in your hotel and bring only enough cash if you want to go night shopping). Now in perfect hunting form, he collects and collects then finally selects. If he likes it and it’s good value for money (which in most cases it certainly is), he should pay for it pronto!

It’s a shame I wasn’t able to take shots during our night shopping as my battery was drained and I had to have it charged at the hotel (Casa Isabella). Still, I want to share my UKAY finds with you so I took pictures of them.


A little laundry magic should do!


Total shopping expenses: 150 pesos

Bag- 50 pesos

Shoes- 100 pesos (old and well-worn, but still worth a shot! with lots of character too!)