Davao Lakbay-Aral: Gap Farming Resort

I met up with my high school friend Em at an internet café across Victoria Plaza that afternoon. It was convenient for me since I came from Ponce Suites in Dona Vicenta Village and Victoria Plaza (along J.P. Laurel) is only a couple of meters from the gallery. I never really thought about how to get to Outland Adventure in Ma-a Road which is our destination that afternoon. After asking directions how to commute to the place, I was quite adamant on taking the jeepney- 1st ride to bangkerohan market and the 2nd to Ma-a. So you could only imagine my disappointment when my friend told me he wanted to take the cab instead.

I detest taking cabs when traveling if not for my last resort, you know those times when I go about riding 3 jeepney routes only to realize that I am getting farther and farther away from my original destination. I always take the jeepneys because I want to break free from my geographic idiocy and of course, I want to stay within my means. After a little convincing, and a reassurance that the fare will be split in half, I agreed. I read that Outland Adventure is beside Gap Farming Resort, and since Gap is the more popular of the two sites we told the driver to drop us there.


Greeting us was the giant statue of a man on his carabao with a plow in hand. So huge in fact was it that I shrank to just the size of its hoof.

There were various parades going on during our visit. There was the parade of Philippine presidents.

The parade of Filipino heroes.

The parade of tamed and wild animals.

And the parade of indigenous peoples. (not photographed)

What caught our attention was the Japanese tunnel dating back to 1941. For a fee of 10pesos you could enter the tunnel and traverse your way out.

It was fun being kids again, with the wacky poses and the fright stories. Oh elusive childhood, let us eat Sunshine peas and inflate plastic balloons that we shaped through our tongues and our lips. Till we meet again!


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