Incense-Burning 101: Davao’s Lon Wa Budhhist Temple

A friend asked me where I get the diligence to write all my adventures and recall all the details of a previous trip. My answer: COFFEE. But seriously, I want to showcase the awesome people I meet during my trips like the security guard at the LongHua (or Lon Wa) Buddhist Temple who also accompanied me as my tour guide and photographer. I should have written down Kuya’s first name because my memory failed me this time and I cannot, with all my powers combined, produce a name from the depths of my mind. It was a good thing though that he had a name patch stitched on his uniform with his last name on it.
Meet Kuya E.S. Cervantes!

I was led into the prayer room, “the office”, the Thousand-Armed Kuan Yina, and even where they keep the ashes of the dead members. My guide suggested I say a quick prayer and burn three incense sticks. I stopped midway through my reflections because I found the smell of incense very sweet and addicting.

A myriad of colors and textures greeted me as I moved from one room to another.

How to get to Lon Wa (also Lon Hua) Buddhist Temple, Davao City :

  • Ride a Sasa-bound jeepney which will pass through Cabaguio Street.
  • Ride a Route 4 or 10 jeepney.
  • Don’t go looking for the Lon Wa Buddhist Temple signboard. LOOK FOR THE PHIL. ACADEMY OF SAKYA.

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