Exploring Surigao City: Day-asan Floating Village

Regarded as the “Little Venice of Surigao”, Day-asan is a quaint small fishing village comprised of houses on stilts and coral rocks. Everyone earns a living by catching fish and raising crabs and lobsters in fish cages. To get to the actual “Floating Village”  one has to cross the wooden bridges that link the cluster of houses to the mainland or hire a small motorized boat.

We reached the village at around 11:00am and asked a group of men where to book a day tour. A man introduced himself as a boatman and directed us towards the dock where a table is set up. He said we have to see his brochure. After agreeing on the scope of the day tour (mangrove tour, floating village, white beach) and buying packed lunch from the nearby hawkers, we took off.


We navigated the waterways framed with lush mangrove cover.

And stopped at a fish cage for some lobster and crab sightings.

Clear as can be, the sea was teeming with life. We could see the colorful corals and regretted not bringing a snorkel set. (Note to self: buy a good underwater camera)

Our boatman, Manong Julito, is the brother of the barangay captain (or the village chieftain if you may). He is strong beyond his years and kind beyond all measure.

We invited him for lunch at the second stop-over and he told us he wasn’t hungry. How about water, Tay? He said he doesn’t drink that much and he’ll take whatever’s left. But very insistent as we are, eventually  our ceaseless prodding proved fruitful.

Kamayan Special: Lunch on the white beach

More creatures from the bountiful sea:

And by the sea…

We ended the tour by crossing the wooden footbridges back to the mainland.

And saw more coral rock fish enclosures.

Manong Julito refused to accept the tip we gave him apart from the 300-peso daytour fee. But we managed to jam the thank-you token in his jacket pocket. He was a character and it’s not often that we come across men of such pure heart. More than the scenery he let us see the true gem of Day-asan – its people.


Travel notes: Brgy. Day-asan is about 7 kilometers from the city proper. One may opt to commute from the transport terminals at Pier 2. Travel time is approximately 30minutes.

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  2. how nice the picture you show to us my bithplace i missed a lot we are planning for vacation hopefully next year.thanks a lot

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