Where to Stay in Cloud 9, GL, Siargao: Ocean 101 Beach Resort

large viewdeck fronting the ocean101 resort

We didn’t really organize our Siargao trip unlike our previous travel itineraries. We didn’t have any hotel reservation and we didn’t know what GL means until we docked at the Dapa port, Surigao del Norte. Such idiots. haha. Motorcycle drivers were swarming the port and shouting “GL!” “General Luna?!”. “Oh, so GL is General Luna”, I thought to myself in deep embarrassment. And yeah, everyone in the world (except us) knew that the famous surfing spot, Cloud 9, was in General Luna. (cringing to nothingness now)

We went past the swarm of harassing drivers and out of the port. A reasonable price is what we want and not P300. We found such a deal (P100) care of Mang tata.

Upon Mang Tata’s recommendation, we checked in at Ocean101 beach resort. Imagine how surprised we were to spot not a single filipino in the crowd except in the reception desk. Oh wow. Hot and daunting surfer bods were all over the resort. I say, bring it! (lol)

surfer dudes up for some wave action

The published rates were pretty affordable (cheap even) and the rooms were clean.

room at the left was our humble abode during our short-lived escapade

ocean101 by night

Type Rate
Honeymoon cottage    1500
Waterfront air-conditioned room Good for 2 persons 2000
Extra bed or extra person 900
Waterfront fan cooled  Good for 2 persons 1300
Extra bed or extra person 600
Air-conditioned room Surfer favorites  Good for 2 persons 1400
Extra bed or extra person 700
Fan cooled room Surfer favorite Good for 2 persons 750 
Extra bed or extra person 350
2nd floor w/ common T&B
Beach front 600
2 single bed 600
Backside 500

We chose the fan-cooled room (surfer favorite) and it didn’t disappoint us. It even had a heater for the shower. The bed was wide, and the sheets were immaculately white. I also had no problems with the fan conditioning.

This is what our room looked like.

Say hello to ate receptionist

rustic windows

sensual night lamp

And the food was divine. The portions were large (perfect for sharing) yet still very affordable. The selection was vast and varied; you can always find something you like.

These were our meals for our two-day stay at ocean101. Brace yourselves for some saliva action.

super burger for 150 pesos

cordon bleu for 220pesos

cordon bleu up-close with mashed potatoes on the side

Pancit canton for 110pesos

Flower Blossoms, which are actually freshly-made empanadas numbering to about 4, for 150

Pork rolls for 70pesos

Fontina Jaffle (capsicum, mushroom, and cheese) for 50pesos

super jaffle (with egg, bacon, cheese, and vegemite) for 80pesos

tuna sandwich: tuna salad on a bread bowl for 70pesos

tuna pasta salad for 150pesos

Godfather pizza for 220pesos

I bring sachets of instant coffee for some real backpacking cost-cutting. haha

Our Siargao getaway was, more than a surfing trip, a gastronomic feast. Ocean101’s resto is the perfect pig-out spot after a tiring day of surf lessons. With a view of the beach, the sound of the waves and newfound (and lifelong) friends to keep you company, you’d want to prolong your stay. You might even wish to stay here forever.

I could wake up to this view every morning for the rest of my natural-born life.

Ocean 101 Beach Resort
Cloud 9, Gen. Luna, Siargao Island
Surigao del Norte, Philippines
Mobile: (63) 910 8480893 / (63) 919 8268837
Email: michael@ocean101cloud9.com

8 thoughts on “Where to Stay in Cloud 9, GL, Siargao: Ocean 101 Beach Resort

  1. kala ko talaga ikaw si ate receptionist at nag mala-transformer ka kaya nagbago itsura mo. HAHAHAHA! labyu teh. peace.

    isn’t she wearing a wrap-around towel of some sort? lelz.

    nice blog! very informative. Avid blog follower mo na ako. wahahaha.

    Keep bloggin!


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