2011: The Year That Was

And here goes my year summarized in photos taken from all over the Philippines. I have thus proven that once bitten by the travel bug, one can never go back. Thanks to all the friends I met online at first, on the road eventually. I hope 2012 has a lot more in store for me and my itchy feet. đŸ™‚ Cheers!

10 thoughts on “2011: The Year That Was

  1. Peppy,
    I took a look at your photos from phone 2011. Nice recap of the year. Question: what type of camera are you using? I have a Canon T2 Rebel. How many lenses are you using for your photo taking?
    Im using Adobe Photo Shop Elements 10 for finishing.


    • Hi Jim, for most of the photos in this post, I was using my Nikon D60 with its 18-55 kit lens. for the underwater shots, I used a sony cybershot TX10. I’m using Lightroom 3 to edit my photos.

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