Beauty and Seclusion: Point D’ Entrecastreaux

About 30mins from Pemberton is the town of Northcliffe, gateway to D’ Entrecastreaux National Park which stretches 130kms along the south coast (from Augusta to the west of Walpole) covering 114,000ha . The French Admiral Bruni D’Entrecasteaux lent his name to the Park; he was the first European who saw the area in 1792.

We visited Point D’ Entrecastreaux which boasts of spectacular high limestone cliffs fronting the wild Southern ocean. We didn’t have time to visit the lighthouse though . Nearby places to visit are Salmon Beach and Tookalup which have tables for picnics and offer great views. One can also go whale-watching in winter and spring.


There were only 5 people on the beach yesterday morning including 3 lads who were spearfishing. Now that is a getaway!
How to get there:
30kms south of Northcliffe. Turn off Windy Harbour Road onto D’ Entrecasteaux Drive and then follow the signs to the point.

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