It’s Friday, Friday| Gotta climb on Good Friday

(The Rebecca Black reference was lame. ohgahd penitence.)

In observance of Good Friday, we left the office early and headed to Mt. Puro for some serious climbing. Penitence, they say. But with the effort exerted by others, I reckon they aim for sainthood. The path was steep and rough and there were a few makeshift steps to help us during the ascent.  The way down was much easier, with the path still steep but with the natural laws of physics, we found ourselves running down the trail, unable to control our pace. One wrong move, and the stations of the cross (which are really just crosses) could pierce through flesh and bones. Ok, that was a pretty gruesome scenario (and exaggerated too) .

Ricks: Oh how time flies! Literally! (Jeremy Scott for Swatch)

The “before” shot.

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