Boracay: The 2D1N Php2500 Challenge

12-13 Nov 2011.

Sometimes I regret not writing immediately after a trip because I tend to forget the details. And I feel disappointed with myself whenever I could not convey the true feel of the whole experience, all because of my laziness to take note of the littlest things. As much as possible, I bring home some memento, whether it be a receipt or a bus ticket, to trigger the memory flash should the urge to write come days or, in this case, weeks after the adventure.

It’s a good thing my friend Jeannie, the keen accountant that she is, kept a record of all our expenses and up to now she could still recall all the bills we paid for without second-guessing. See, before we made the Boracay trip, we challenged ourselves to spend roughly 2500pesos in 2 days and a night. Crazy women, yeah. Cheapskates and backpackers? Hell yeah.

The list:

1. Try Helmet Diving √

2.See the famous Boracay sunset √

3. Have photo taken with the firedancers √

4. Stand beside a sandcastle√

5. Have a slice of island night life √ (next time though it’s going to be the shooter Still-Standing-After-15 challenge at Coco Mangas)

6. Ride an ATV √ (and finish the route alive)

7. View Boracay from the highest point on the island √

8. Spend roughly 2500 all-in, inclusive of transpo (to and from Roxas City) √


I vow to return and experience paradise again. Some may say Boracay is overrated as a destination. Others say it’s just too expensive. I beg to disagree.

And no matter how many times people try their hardest to spoil this gem of a place, Boracay is still a beauty and will remain as such for as long as we keep doing our part.

Quick tip: If it’s too costly to fly from Manila to Caticlan or even Kalibo (which is most likely the case unless a seat sale is just around the corner), try flying to Roxas City and from there ride a van direct to Caticlan or catch a bus from Sigma,Capiz.