2011: The Year That Was

And here goes my year summarized in photos taken from all over the Philippines. I have thus proven that once bitten by the travel bug, one can never go back. Thanks to all the friends I met online at first, on the road eventually. I hope 2012 has a lot more in store for me and my itchy feet. ūüôā Cheers!

An Enchantment: Siquijor

Thanks to CinemaOne’s¬†countless screenings of “Magandang¬†Hatinggabi”, I have come to associate Siquijor¬† with¬†Angelica dela¬†Cruz and her huge hairy hump. This, along with the turnover¬†of aswang¬†duties to her from Jaclyn Jose in the form of a black stone drenched in saliva, taken from the depths of Jaclyn’s semi-human guts. If I got something out of that film other than could-have-been bladder explosions caused by delays in bathroom visits as the hairy “manananggal/mambabarang/aswang” might be hiding just behind the bathroom sporting a unibrow¬†and a dark grin, it is this curiosity for a land as mystical as Siquijor.

It was a sunny Tuesday morning, and as I try to jumpstart my search for the secrets of Siquijor, what greeted my wandering soles was the surreal beauty of the island. The waters were clear and blue-green, making Siquijor Port an attraction in itself.

We reached the island paradise by Delta fast ferry (PhP160) from Dumaguete, a 50-minute cruise by the waves of the Visayan Sea. Ricks and I met up with our friend-cum-guide Efren and his wife Xyrille for a 5-hour flash tour of the island with designated stops at scenic nature spots and heritage sites.
The tour kicked off with Capilay Springs Park, a public nature park with fresh spring water to soothe the tired muscles and negate the scorching heat of the sun.

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