Cape Leeuwin: Australia’s (Most) Southwest

Cape Leeuwin lighthouse is mainland Australia’s tallest lighthouse (39m high, 56m above sea level). Where two oceans meet- Southern and Indian- it is also situated in Australia’s most southwesterly point. It was 100% manually operated till 1982 by a clockwork mechanism & kero burner, one of the last in the world. Its beam can shine over the landscape for 48kms.

For a fee of 8AUD, one can gain access to the grounds. Marvel at the restored keeper’s cottages and the great history of the lighthouse which was built in 1895. For 20AUD, one can have a guided climb of the tower.PEMBERTON 620PEMBERTON 628PEMBERTON 640PEMBERTON 673


We also had a quick stopover at the Old Waterwheel (turn off just 100m north of the lighthouse carpark). This was constructed in 1895 to supply water for the builders of the lighthouse.

And we had a quick photo op! Amazing structures along the coast, geological marvels! Lots of wind and water action I saw there. Also see the foliations on the rocks and some bedding planes? Makes you wonder the geological events that shaped them!