Pundaquit Weekend Getaway | Camara Island and the perfect swim spot

First stop, Camara Island. Little is known about this island, the smallest of the 4 Pundaquit islands included in our hopping. But for me, this one’s the perfect spot for swimming plus it provides the best vantage point to see the whale-shaped island (the name of which, I do not know) complete with the tail fin. Fine white sand tickling your toes – best feeling in the world. πŸ™‚ We trekked towards the highest point in the island (to our knowing) and savored the beauty of Pundaquit.

2 thoughts on “Pundaquit Weekend Getaway | Camara Island and the perfect swim spot

  1. I really like the whale-shaped rock πŸ˜€ I’m wondering if that was man made or it was nature’s master piece? I hope that this island will not be exploited by capitalists :p

    • yes! I think it’s natural. and I think it’s still part of Camara. I don’t know, there are some online posts describing Camara as the whale-shaped island. Chenny! Sinlanguin Cove and Talisayin cove! Next time, lez go there!

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