Swan Valley, Western Australia: Food and Wine Trail

This is how we recently celebrated a friend’s birthday; we drove to Swan Valley (around 30mins from Perth CBD), a famous wine and food destination in WA. It is, in fact, the oldest wine growing region in Western Australia. We sampled free chocolates, tasted different varieties of wine, munched on cheese, and sipped several coffee brews. It was a DIY food and wine trail and the best part is that everything was free! (except for the Chenin Blanc that we couldn’t get enough of so we bought a bottle.)

Legazpi market: a cultural bazaar

thanks to spot.ph for telling us what to do on a sunday in makati.

Every Sunday at the Legaspi Car Park (Legaspi corner Herrera Streets) is a bustling food haven and product fair where one could find just about everything weird, quirky, organic, delicious, entertaining, and uhhmm cultural!

There are a lot of foreigners selling food and other merchandise native to their own country. There is one particular stall that caught my attention because of their Samba drum beats. I think they were selling authentic leather sandals. Among the fave finds are the himalayan salt, quiche, and schuemli. Thank heavens for free tasting and non-coercive sales talk.

Refreshments of all kinds are sold. Here in this photo is N shelling out for some dalandan and lemonade. There are also stalls selling tea, fruit shakes, and coffee.

Native filipino rice cakes of various shapes and colors!

Dulong is actually Anchovy fry. This particular stall sells a variety of seafood pâté including Bangus (Milkfish) and Dulong.

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